Systems Development Life Cycle


Systems Development Life Cycle

A Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a process used in project management to describe the phases used in developing or improving software.

Basic Stages of an SDLC


Determines the feasibility of a project using information discussed while planning.


Identify the problem, objectives, requirements, and resources needed to solve the problem while making a competitive product.


Satisfy functional and technical requirements and completes objectives. Defines elements, components, security, and interfaces of a system.



The creation of the product begins by using designs made from completing requirements to make the product functional.


Identify areas of concern to improve and ensure the product meets the requirements and expectations created in the design.


The product is introduced to a new environment and put into production by replacing the old system.


Monitors the product and improves the function throughout time to accommodate future requirements and continue to keep the product relevant.